Let's Maximize The Potential of Your Data.

Big Data and Machine Learning Consulting: From Startups to Fortune 1000



Have an existing cluster? Just getting started? We are experienced with deploying and tuning Hortonworks and Cloudera distributions in the 100s of TBs. We are well versed in Apache Pig, Hive, Scalding, HBase, Impala and more.

API Development

We specialize in Java (+Spring), Scala (+Play) and Python (+Django) development, with expertise in scaling to 100K+ requests per second per machine.


RDMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL) or NoSQL (Cassandra, Redis, Mongo) - We will help you design your data models and scale and tune your systems to grow with your business.

Data Pipelines

Akka, Storm, Kafka, RabbitMQ - Let us help you distribute your processing and reliably move your data across your architecture.

Machine Learning

We can work with your team to help design and deploy high scale machine learning models across your distributed systems.


Understanding your data and having a framework to rapidly explore ideas and discover opportunities is the cornerstone of a successful and innovative business. We will help your team use tools like R, Python (+numpy, scipy) and D3js to help you explore, visualize and understand your data.


Michael Moss, Principle Consultant, is an expert in delivering highly-scalable, distributed systems with clients in Finance, Healthcare, Advertising, Entertainment and more.

Our guiding principles

  • Leverage Open Source
  • Write Clean, Well-Tested, Easily Deployed Code
  • Design Scalable Architectures
  • Tenaciously Discover Value and Innovate